Bande à Part audio et postproduction - coop is above all a hub of sound creation and postproduction for moving picture. The sensitivity and expertise of the co-op’s team of sound designers have been in the service of film productions for over fifteen years.


This initiative was launched by a group of craftspeople who wanted to combine their talent and know-how to provide independent productions with quality sound services. Formerly Bande à Part Audio Inc., under Martin Allard and Hugo Brochu (1997 to 2013), the co-op was founded in July 2013 and established in the Saint-Henri neighbourhood.


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Due to the pandemic, BANDE À PART – COOP is closed until non-essential businesses are allowed to reopen.
We would love to think cinema is essential, but the safety of our members, our families and our community comes first.
— stay safe, rent independent movies online, take care of your neighbours —

Our main focus right now is the safety of our members and the collaborators. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing us to put a hold on the internship program.  The application period is postponed until Fall 2020.
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Due to the pandemic, the 2020 SUPPORT FOR SOUND POSTPRODUCTION program is postponed until Fall 2020. You can still download the documents and prepare your submission while the film industry is asleep.
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Name of member one
Name of member one

Patrice Leblanc

contact antagone@gmail.com
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Name of member one

Hugo Brochu

support member
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Marie-Pierre Grenier

contact mpgrenier@lalimeaondes.com


For all information, please write to us here. To contact a specific member, mention their name in the email subject line, or write them directly.

Bande à part audio et post production

Coopérative de Solidarité
721 Walker, Bureau 120
Montréal, Québec, H4C 2H5

Board of Directors

Simon Gervais, Chair Luc Bouchard, Vice Chair Martin Allard, Secretary Patrice Leblanc, Treasurer Marie-Pierre Grenier, Manager (Communications) Hugo Brochu, Manager and Supporting Member